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This summer, you can experience a High Altitude Stay as an individual or duo. Reap the benefits right here in Belgium.

July 21 — August 31, 2023

What you need to know

What Enhance your performance, recovery or rehabilitation during a High altitude stay at Taeru.
How We open our altitude rooms and sport facilities to individuals during 41 days in summer, which are normally reserved for groups.
When From July 21 until August 31, 2023. Choose the length of your stay, to suit your needs.
Difficulty It’s entirely up to you.
Pricing Available from €49,50/day. Scroll down for detailed pricing.
Capacity Maximum of 18 persons per day.

High altitude training comes with benefits

Training and/or living at a higher altitude has proven scientific benefits if you are either training for your next big physical challenge or if you are in the process of recovering from injuries.

Live High, Train Low

This altitude program, where you live/sleep/rest high and work out low (~= sea-level) is the way to increase your red blood cell count. Creating natural EPO allows you to transport more oxygen in your blood, allowing for longer endurance.

The best results happen at 21 days, but there are already benefits as early as 3 days.

a graph showing the progress of the high altitude program, spread from 3 to 21 days.

Bonus: the cumulative effect

For an optimal effect of altitude training, it’s wise to plan several altitude training sessions in a row. Adapting to altitude is faster and easier the more often an athlete spends time at altitude. This also enhances the effect of an altitude training session each time.

During your high altitude stay

For optimal results, you should spend a minimum of 12 hours a day in a higher altitude. These hours can be spent sleeping, resting or remote working.

Sleeping can be done in the altitude bedrooms, and we have altitude relaxation room with high-speed WiFi for remote working, so you don’t have to take a big leave from work.

After your high altitude stay

If you took the 18 to 21 days option (see graph above), your body is ready for your next physical goal.

The perfect spike happens around day 8 to 10 after your high altitude program. Planned right, this will allow a personal best during your endurance event. The effects last up to 4 weeks (28 days) after your stay at Taeru.

  • ✔ Improve your endurance up to 7% ✔ Increase your haematocrit ✔ Recover faster after your workout

    Advantages for athletes

  • ✔ Prevent altitude sickness ✔ Acclimatising to the altitude at home ✔ Maximum enjoyment of your expedition

    Advantages for mountaineers

What’s included?

We have 9 double altitude bedrooms that allow us to simulate high altitudes while you sleep. Each room can be configured individually. You can share a room with a fellow athlete you invite or use the room just for you.
During the ELEVATE program, you will also have access to our altitude training room and altitude relaxation room.
All amenities as seen in our Silver offer.

Prices are per day per person (6% btw included), based on 2-person bedrooms.

Up to 7 nights €60,00
More than 7 nights €55,00
3 weeks or 21 nights €49,50
Bed linnen €12,00/bed (charged per change)
Breakfast (optional)*
Buffet, includes water, coffee and tea.
Dinner (optional)*
Nutritious dinner, includes water, coffee and tea.

* A 1-day advance reservation is required. Alternatively you can explore the surrounding area. You can always ask us for tips.


It’s a lot of information, we know 😉
Get in touch and we’ll help you.

An altitude bedroom at Taeru