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Core values

Core Values
The code we live by

Back to basics

Tæru is synonymous with simplicity, purity and discipline. You can see this very clearly in our building style, for example. Why? Simplicity helps you find peace of mind. And to keep it simple, you often need to be disciplined and have a strong mentality. Therefore, we believe that discipline ensures peace of mind and tranquillity.

Challenge yourself

Sometimes you just have to stop thinking and go for it. Take that ice bath, join that yoga session, or push through that workout, even if you don’t really feel like it. New challenges are such a motivation booster, and a blessing for your body and soul.

So, set yourself some goals, stick to them and, above all, enjoy the path to achieving them. It’s not about the goal as much as it is about the road towards it. Take it step by step, and break your biggest goals into smaller ones that you work consciously and patiently to attain.

And if you start having doubts or if the challenges seem insurmountable? Tæru!

Become the best you can be

With Tæru, we want to inspire you and provide you with everything you need to prepare yourself for your next goal. Tæru helps you to push your limits and to give your body new stimuli to adapt to.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The right nutrition is a key prerequisite to keeping your body fit and healthy, and to giving it the best possible recovery. Here, too, we want to encourage you to go “back to basics”, with the pure and simple food that your body needs and can easily digest.

In our professional Tæru kitchen, you will find everything you need to prepare healthy meals. We also provide pure “back to basics” sports nutrition.

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