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Everything you need to know

On this page, we’ve tried to answer any questions you may have. Still not found what you were looking for? Feel free to come to Blier to check out Tæru for yourself, or get in touch with us via Always happy to help!

General information on Taeru

What does Tæru mean?

Tæru is a Japanese verb that can be loosely translated as “to endure” or “to bear”. It applies to those situations where you’re about to give up because things are hard and you’re struggling, but you’re still pushing on and persevering. It’s pronounced “taaroe”.

What exactly makes Tæru unique?

The completeness of the Tæru offer makes our concept unique in Europe. We are the first group accommodation with altitude bedrooms. Moreover, it’s of course extremely rare to have a 1,200 m2 sports hall at your disposal when you rent a guest house, as well as a 25-metre pool and a cyclo-cross track. Moreover, you can book the entire accommodation as a team, so you can prepare for your (professional or recreational) sports goals in all peace and privacy.

What was the motivation for creating Tæru?

As a triathlete, Dirk always did what he could to reach his best level. He knows what it’s like to be continually looking for improvements. Moreover, organising training trips for the Innerme Triathlon Team, he discovered that existing guest houses in the Ardennes were never entirely satisfactory. Those two experiences combined to lead to Tæru.

When was Tæru launched?

The works started in December 2021 and were completed exactly one year later. The accommodation has been for rent since January 2023.

What’s the address?

Rue Croix Henquin 1
6997 Erezée (Blier)

Accommodation, facilities & services

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is from 5 PM. Check-out is at 12 AM, but you can use the sports hall until 5 PM on your departure day.

Is there a chef on the property?

No, but we have a list of chefs that we could recommend.

Can I book 1 room?

Unfortunately, that’s not an option. You would have to book an entire guest house. We do organise training or altitude trips that you’re very welcome to join as an individual.

Do you insist on weekend, midweek or week-long stays?

No, bookings can be made from any day, to any day. We’re flexible!

The environment

The Tæru staff has been coming to Blier for triathlon training weekends since 2016. The place is a nature lovers’ paradise, with vast forests and fields, hills and valleys.

Blier is also the ideal starting point for trips to numerous well-known neighbouring cities and villages, such as: 

distance from Blier
Barvaux 11 km
Hotton 11 km
Durbuy 15 km
La Roche-en-Ardenne 19 km
Baraque de Fraiture  19 km
Marche-en-Famenne 23 km
Houffalize 32 km
Vielsalm 34 km