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Why altitude training at Taeru?

Training and/or living at a higher altitude has proven scientific benefits. In this article, we'll explain why we at Taeru believe in altitude training.

Every body reacts differently

Through personal guidance, we can expose each individual to the optimum altitude level. Your personal blood oxygen saturation determines what altitude works best for you.

We’ll advise and guide you personally, to make sure everything happens in a safe and sustainable way.

Flexible and close by

By simulating any altitude there’s no need to travel abroad, saving you time and unforeseen circumstances. There’s even the chance to work remote, as the WiFi at Taeru is capable of delivering high-speed internet to large groups.

Controlled training & resting

You’re in a controlled environment for training and resting, allowing for consistent and predictable results. Our altitude bedrooms and relaxation chambers allow for improving while resting. The hypoxic training room in the indoor sports hall allows you to go even further. Work out on your bike or on our treadmill or rowing machine. You can adjust the altitude level, with options starting at 285 and going up to 5,000 metres.

Give your body a boost by training in thin air!

Live or train in thin air