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Altitude bedrooms

In our new gîte, we have 9 double rooms equipped with individual controls to simulate sleeping at altitude.

In our new gîte, we have 9 double rooms for sleeping at altitude. Increase your hematocrit levels, speed up your recovery process, build endurance, or prepare your body for specific high altitude goals you want to achieve.

Even for shorter periods of time, sleeping at altitude is good for you. Moreover, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from it – for instance, people suffering from long Covid or who are overweight also have a lot to gain from staying at altitude.

Give it a try!

How does it work?

Check the oxygen saturation metre to determine the perfect altitude for you. Using a touchscreen, you can set the room to any altitude from 285 to 5,000 metres.

Every day you sleep at altitude makes a difference. For optimum results, you have to stay at altitude for at least 18 days. Ideally, you keep it up for 21 days (spending at least 12 hours per 24-hour period at altitude). Fortunately, you can also retreat to Tæru’s altitude relaxation room, where you can spend time with your teammates, chill on the couch or eat your meals. During your 21 days, you should stick to a certain schedule. Take the first 3 days to adjust and reduce your training intensity. No idea where to start? Don’t worry, we can provide you with a day-by-day programme.

We do ask our guests who are staying at altitude to follow a certain protocol, like keeping the windows and the door closed and to measure the oxygen saturation of their blood two times a day. 

We keep it safe

Each room is equipped with a measuring tool with 3 sensors that track oxygen and nitrogen levels. The device is completely safe and linked to our ventilation system.

Partnership with Altitude Dream

Want to start adjusting before you come to Tæru? Then you can spend a week in an altitude tent that you rent from Altitude Dream and put up at your home. All Tæru guests receive a discount of up to 200 euros.

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