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Famous bikes in our lobby

Tæru encourages you to push your limits. That means we provide you with the perfect accommodation to work out, endure and relax; but also with stories that inspire you to become the best athlete you can be. And stories come in all shapes and sizes … How about admiring the famous bikes that decorate our lobby?

Now in: Johan Museeuw’s wheels

The bike that currently greets you when you enter our main gîte is an iconic MBK or Motobécane. It used to belong to “The Lion of Flanders”, Johan Museeuw, back in 1992. At the time, Museeuw was 27 and a member of his second professional cycling team, Lotto (which he joined in 1990, after two years with Greg LeMond’s and Eddy Planckaert’s ADR).

Museeuw experienced his big breakthrough on this bike, so it understandably has a very special place in the cycling legend’s heart, as well as on the Tæru site.

Johan Museeuw’s bike above the entrance of our main gîte

Fresh (bike) blood every 6 months

Every three to six months, we mount a new famous bike with a unique story above our entrance door. Curious to know what’s next? Stay tuned via our social media channels, or schedule regular trips to Tæru, so you can see all of that emblematic sports equipment with your own eyes.