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The Tæru site used to be called Ferme De Blier. On this farm, Jacques Quirynen raised cows and grew crops. The former owner is still around: he lives further down the street now, and we’ve inspired him to switch to organic farming.

Organic farming

There’s still quite a bit of farming going on at what used to be Ferme De Blier. In the fields surrounding Tæru, oats, spelt and other grain crops are grown organically. The 72 trees in the adjacent meadow are used for organic fruit farming.

From the farmyard to the valley, you’ll see sheep roaming around. The big hangar on the site still serves for storing grain after the yearly harvest.

A taste of plant-based?

The farm that used to be devoted to cows has now been revamped by an athlete who swears by plant-based nutrition. That’s quite something … Even though he himself still likes the occasional milk and cheese binge, Jacques confesses to having a lot of sympathy for Dirk’s lifestyle: “I’m even starting to appreciate his vegan food. Not bad for a milkman, huh? (laughs)”

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